(Tim Hughes)

   Em7                  D/F#        G
VERSE 1:  There must be more than this
   C                  Em7          D/F#          C
O breath of God come breathe within
    Em7                 D/F#         G
There must be more than this
      C          Em7    D/F#     C
Spirit of God we wait for You
   Am7     G/B       D/F#  Am7     G/B      D/F#
Fill us anew we pray     Fill us anew we pray
                     G                 D/F#       Em7                  C
CHORUS: Consuming fire fan into flame;A passion for Your name
                   G                   D/F#                           Em7
Spirit of God fall in this place Lord have Your way
                            D             C
Lord have Your way with us
    Em7            D/F#      G
VERSE 2:  Come like a rushing wind
    C                    Em7     D/F#    C
Clothe us with power from on high
   Em7              D/F#      G
Now set the captives free
   C               Em7         D/F#     C
Leave us abandoned to Your praise
   Am7              G/B  D/F#  Am7             G/B    D/F#
Lord let Your glory fall,     Lord let Your glory fall  (Chorus 2x)


Coda:         Stir it up in our hearts Lord (2x)

Stir it up in our hearts

A passion for Your name